Elite Eight Rematches:
Louisiana State defeated Texas 72-67 in the 2000 second round.
UCLA defeated Memphis 87-66 in the 1973 National Championship Game.
Villanova defeated Florida 76-65 in the 2005 second round.

Most Consecutive Years with at least one school in the Elite Eight
By Conference

Big East (5)
Southeastern (4)
Conference USA (2)
Pacific Ten (2)

Villanova is in the Elite Eight for the first time since 1988.

George Mason becomes the first team since 1999 to advance to the Elite Eight in the same tournament in which they won their first game.  The team to do it that year was Gonzaga who lost to Connecticut in the Elite Eight in 1999.

The 55 points by Wichita State are the fewest that George Mason has allowed in 6 tournament games.  Their previous low allowed was 60 against North Carolina in the second round.

George Mason becomes only the second team from the Colonial Athletic Association to advance to the Elite Eight.  The other was Navy in 1986.

George Mason is the first #11 seed to advance to the Elite Eight since 2001.  They are the fourth #11 seed to do it overall.
Year Team
1986 Louisiana State
1990 Loyola Marymount
2001 Temple
2006 George Mason

Duke missed the final four as a #1 seed for the 5th time.  That ties Kentucky for the most times.
Team Times
Duke 5
Kentucky 5
Arizona 4
DePaul 4
Kansas 4
North Carolina 4
Oklahoma 4
Purdue 3
Stanford 3

Duke became the 20th AP #1 team to miss the final four.  It was the third time Duke has been ranked #1 and failed to make the final four.  It ties Kentucky for the most times missing the final four when ranked #1. 
Year Team
1952 Kentucky
1958 West Virginia
1959 Kansas State
1970 Kentucky
1975 Indiana
1977 Michigan
1980 DePaul
1981 DePaul
1984 North Carolina
1988 Temple
1989 Arizona
1990 Oklahoma
1993 Indiana
1994 North Carolina
1997 Kansas
2000 Duke
2002 Duke
2003 Kentucky
2004 Stanford
2006 Duke

The last time before this year that their were no repeat Elite Eight teams two straight tournaments was 1940 and 1941.  The only other years without any repeat Elite Eight teams were 1947, 1950 and 1967.

Since 2000, 5 times a number one seed has lost in the Sweet Sixteen.  Here are those teams:
Year Team Opponent
2000 Duke Florida
2002 Duke Indiana
2005 Washington Louisville
2005 Duke Michigan State
2006 Duke Louisiana State

Duke's 54 points was their second lowest in 112 tournament games.  Their lowest is 52 against Pennsylvania in the 1980 second round.  It was the fewest points that Louisiana State has allowed in 43 tournament games.  Their previous low allowed was 56 against Arkansas in the 1981 Sweet Sixteen.