04/02/2007 (Championship Monday)

Florida becomes the 7th different school to win consecutive national championships.  The teams that have won consecutive championships are:
  • Oklahoma State (1945-46)
  • Kentucky (1948-49)
  • San Francisco (1955-56)
  • Cincinnati (1961-62)
  • UCLA(1964-65)
  • UCLA(1967-73)
  • Duke (1991-92)
  • Florida (2006-07)

Billy Donovan is the 12th coach to win multiple national championships.

Florida is the 7th team ranked #3 in the AP poll to win the tournament.  The others are
Year #3 Champion
1960 Ohio State
1963 Loyola, Illinois
1966 Texas-El Paso
1979 Michigan State
1987 Indiana
1999 Connecticut
2007 Florida

Florida is now 2-0 in the tournament vs teams ranked #1 in the AP poll.  Their other victory over a #1 team was against Duke in the 2000 Sweet Sixteen.

Florida's win is the 10th championship for the Southeastern Conference.  That ties the SEC for second most all-time.  Pacific Ten has won 15 and Big Ten and ACC have won 10.

Ohio State's loss is their first ever tournament loss against a team from the Southeastern Conference.  They are now 7-1 vs the SEC.

Ohio State's loss is the 12th championship game loss for the Big Ten.  No conference has lost more championship games.

Ohio State's loss is their 4th championship game loss which is tied for 3rd most.
Team Losses
Duke 6
Kansas 5
Michigan 4
North Carolina 4
Ohio State 4