Teams that have achieved their highest pre-tournament AP Ranking (since 1949) for the first time

Team Ranking Previous Best
Florida 3 8 (2001)
Wisconsin 6 10 (2004)
Texas A&M 9 First AP Ranking
Oregon 10 11 (2002)
Washington State 13 18 (1950)
Southern Illinois 14 23 (2004)
Nevada 15 20 (2006)
Butler 21 First AP Ranking
Winthrop 22 First AP Ranking

First Round matchups that involve 2 former champions
Marquette vs Michigan State
Louisville vs Stanford
Kentucky vs Villanova

With George Mason and Louisiana State missing the tournament, it is the first time since 1997 that two teams from the previous year's final four missed the tournament.  That year Syracuse and Mississippi State missed the tournament.

3 schools are playing in their home state in the first round.  Here are their records when playing in their home state
UCLA 19-1
North Carolina 19-1
Louisville 3-4