North Carolina is in the Elite Eight for the 25th time and the first time since 2009.  Roy Williams is in the Elite Eight for the 10th time and the 5th time with North Carolina.

Roy Williams becomes the first ever coach to advance to the Elite Eight 5 times with two different schools.

North Carolina is 1-1 vs. Marquette.

North Carolina is 9-4 vs. the Big East.

North Carolina is 23-6 in the Sweet Sixteen.

North Carolina is 5-1 vs. #11 seeds.

North Carolina is 7-2 vs. New Jersey.

North Carolina is 28-3 on Fridays.

Marquette is 2-3 vs. the ACC.

Marquette is 1-5 vs. #2 seeds.

Marquettte is 1-11 when giving up 80 or more points.

Kansas is in the Elite Eight for the 20th time and the first time since 2009.  Bill Self is in his 6th Elite Eight and 4th with Kansas.

Kansas is 3-1 vs. Atlantic Ten.

Kansas is 5-0 vs. #12 seeds.  Their average margin of victory is 12.4 in those games.

Richmond is 0-2 in the Sweet Sixteen.

Richmond is 0-1 vs. #1 seeds.

Kentucky is in the Elite Eight for the 33rd time and the second consecutive year.  John Calipari is in his 7th Elite Eight and his 2nd with Kentucky.

John Calipari becomes the first coach to take 3 different schools to multiple Elite Eights.  (Memphis 3, Kentucky 2, Massachusetts 2)

Kentucky is 1-5 vs. Ohio State in the tournament.

Kentucky is 13-11 vs. the Big Ten.

Kentucky is 29-10 in the Sweet Sixteen.

Kentucky is 4-9 vs. #1 seeds.

Kentucky is 3-0 playing in New Jersey.

Ohio State becomes the 10th consecutive team ranked #1 in the AP Poll that fails to win the tournament.

Ohio State is 8-3 vs. SEC. They have lost their last 3 games vs. SEC teams.

Ohio State is 1-2 vs. #4 seeds.

Virginia Commonwealth is in the Elite Eight for the 1st time.  Shaka Smart is in his first Elite Eight.

Shaka Smart ties J.D. Barnett for the most VCU tournament wins with 4.

VCU is now tied with Arizona State for a tournament best 5-0 on Fridays.

VCU is 1-2 in tournament overtime games.

Florida State is 1-1 vs. #11 seeds.

Florida State is 1-3 in tournament overtime games.

This year's sum of seeds (36) is tied for the 4th highest in tournament history behind 1990 (40), 2000 (40) and 1986 (37).